REMOVE Judge Susan Lopez-Giss from the BENCH!


Has this Judge ignored laws, codes and procedure in your case or has been Bias and PREJUDICE against you because you are a Mother and shows FAVORITISM towards the Fathers? Judge Susan Lopez-Giss is up for re-election in November 2012, since nobody is running against Judge Lopez-Giss she will automatically be re-elected and there are only two ways to stop her re-election, 

1) California State Senate can impeach her


2) Commission of Judicial Performance can suspend or remove her.

These are the only two agencies that can remove her from bench. In order to file a complaint to see justice, you will need to collect all evidence of Judge Susan Lopez-Giss unlawful and bias rulings. Which means you will need to make a copy of your entire court file, order court transcripts and refer to California Code of Civil Procedure and California Family Code and cite the laws the Judge has violated or completely ignored.   This may sound like a time consuming and tetious process, but anybody with the time and motivation can sucessfully write a complaint that will be taken seriously by these agencies.  Please refer to FILE A COMPLAINT section of this website for more information on how to submit a complaint to the Commission of Judicial Performance.  


Please sign the Petition and contact all the people you know in Los Angeles County to sign a Petition to remove JUDGE SUSAN LOPEZ GISS from the bench, every voice counts and we are need to ban together and fight unethical and unconstitutional Judges !




Please tell us how you have been mistreated or how Judge Susan Lopez Giss abused the law in your case.  We all need to ban together to get our voices heard about Judge Susan Lopez-Giss gross negligence to the law and unethical rulings!


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  • G (Friday, July 18 14 11:39 pm EDT)

    We all need to send our complaints and examples of her prejudice and all the laws she breaks in her own courtroom to the commision on judical performance. Lets get this crazy whackadoodle out of there before she ruins more lives

  • Anoymous (Saturday, June 28 14 02:12 am EDT)

    My children are living in a house with 13 people living there. A woman and her fsmily ( 3 young children and her boyfriend) are living in an illegal garage conversion. My 3 girls are stuck in 1 small room and are using 1 bathroom and do not have access to the kitchen when they would like to. They hate their mother and do not want to be with her. This judge refuses to let them live with me and is very rude and is a man-hating judge.

  • Anoymous (Wednesday, June 18 14 04:06 pm EDT)

    After reading all of these comments and getting her off the bench, well let me tell you something, I have a court ordered restraining order against me from my son and his girlfriend, our court ordered date is July 3rd,2014 I wonder how that's going to play out, guess I will let you know.

  • Annabelle (Thursday, March 27 14 02:51 am EDT)

    When I open up your Feed it seems to be a ton of nonsense, is the problem on my part?

  • Yvonne Cruz (Monday, December 02 13 12:07 pm EST)

    I originally filed for restraining order in 2006 and during my hearing the this judge never took into account the fact that the other party in the case had a been arrested for child abuse in the past against my son from a past marriage.

  • Vanessa Corral (Sunday, November 24 13 01:42 am EST)

    Something I haven't shared.. My long time neighbor also had her and she sided with him although he NEVER saw/had his kids! She even ordered the Mom who has raised the kids all their lives to move closer to HIM!!Amazing!! What the heck??!! Even though I drove my neighbor to court on more than one occasion, I disagreed silently on her ruling..she makes mothers who work 24/7 suffer here on earth! So thats three families including myself that have had to endure this woman's issues, because she DOES have issues, even though when you leave her courtroom for the first time you think its you..glad I found this website and cant wait for the update!

  • Vanessa Corral (Sunday, November 24 13 01:33 am EST)

    Ok im back.. I just met a woman at our kids Youth group and she shared some intimate details of her life which included a horrible 6 yr long dragged out divorce..guess who made her feel like crap and side with her dead beat husband? Yup dear Ms.Susan... She has damamged so many women..what are her drmons??

  • liz (Wednesday, November 06 13 05:23 pm EST)

    I was a victim of this judges prejudice and favortism to men in my divorce case back in 2008. I didn' even get a chance to speak before my ex broke into tears and she automatically was compelled and sided with him in every motion. Even though I was being represented by counsel it did me no good.

    She took away spousal support. Our marriage lasted 25 yrs in which there was sexual abuse. My ex has goverment job and I was a stay at home mother until my daughters moved on to college. I had a job here and there briefly.

    My attoney was so afraid of the judge he didn't even speak on my behalf, after the hearing my ex walked out of the court room laughuing, I had to hire a different attorney to take my case and she was taken back by the judges behavior and ruling. I was able to move my case to a different city because of a techicality of were our actual seperation took place...

    I was lucky to have gotten away from this judge and lucky my children where not involved. It scares me that this behavior is tolerated and no action towards injustice is taken. I feel for all the families and children who have been affected by this judges arrogance and inability to feel human, emotion or consider all parties before making a judgment... especially when it comes to children..

    My life was haulted by her judgments against me and caused me a great amount of distress and put me into financial hardship I am still feeling the reprucussions from it.

    In the end my ex was ordered to pay spousal support at our new court in hemet and he was found to be in contempt and fined $10,000 for it. This judge Susan Lopez-Giss would ahve never even given me a fair chance. My ex ended up paying for his lies but I was lucky.

  • Vanessa Corral (Sunday, October 06 13 05:47 am EDT)

    Wow... Should I be shocked???!! I cannot believe I am seeing this!! I too left her court room feeling defeated, shocked, and hopeless. In reality my ex was the one with a record and a deadbeat all the way around. She was so nice to him I didn't get it, I thought it was me. One thing she told me was "do you want me to follow him around?!" when I told her he was lying to the court and had not and would not give his true address. Obviously this information is mandatory in regards to visits, but she felt it easier to take his word and not listen to me! UNBELIEVABLE!!
    I immediatley shared with family her attitude and to this day 2 years later I still tell the story about this horrible person! Is she still in position?
    Susan, please prayerfully consider all these comments/statements the public is sharing and ask God to change your heart, He's your only hope! Until then.. Please God remove this woman, you are able, and she is the opposite of what you stand for.. She IS unjust!! She leads by her emotions and innocent mothers and innocent children pay the price! God, please help!!

  • Anonymous (Friday, September 27 13 09:03 am EDT)

    I'm at loss for words as to how to describe this judge. She is totally biased in the fathers favor. I witnessed her today rip apart Mexican mothers and give custody and visitation to fathers who have been in jail, charged with DUI's child molestation, domestic violence, absent.... I came to court to protect my son from a monster and she had no regard for him. She's allowing his father who has made threats of revenge against me for leaving him to have a nursing baby overnight unsupervised. When you are in front of this judge you are not given the opportunity to talk. Wish my case was not given to this so called representation of justice. Good luck if you are a good mother protecting your child in front of this judge.

  • Diana (Tuesday, August 13 13 04:24 pm EDT)

    Yes she's a total wreck! My husband had court a week ago and she wouldn't even let him speak. She gave the other parent 500$, worst of all she didn't acknowledge the support he pays for three children and no credits whatsoever for head of household. The mom is making good money and only has one child. Also somehow they took his 50/50 without him even knowing. He found out only after he went to court that he no longer had shared custody! We are very upset at the system for not looking at things as a whole. It's crazy reading all those comments on her taking the fathers side, because in our case she was totally on the moms side. I think she does judge based on her mood that day.

  • Kevin (Wednesday, July 31 13 07:42 pm EDT)

    Here is a letter from the commission on judicial performance regarding the loss of control of the judges and failure to protect rights that you may find interesting

  • Calderón-Browne (Tuesday, June 25 13 02:44 am EDT)

    I am cannot further comprehend why this individual is still on the bench--she is degrading, incompetent (in family law), completely biased and incoherent when evidence is presented. It has been 6 years now since I have been going to her dept. She is aggressively geared in taking my son away from me and "handing him over like an object" to his father (who has just popped into the picture after nearly 3 years).

    Those interested, my case will be heard on Aug. 7th at 8:30am (KDxxx819)

  • Vicki (Wednesday, June 05 13 10:37 pm EDT)

    This judge is an absolute insult to her profession. She absolutely is bias toward Fathers. My daughter went before her today. The Father has not seen his son or made any contact in 7 years even though we have tried to get him and his family involved. They stated he lives too far away. My daughter had to move out of state due to physical, emotional and verbal violance. The judge blamed her for the problem. In the hearing she would allow this deadbeat Dad to bad mouth my daughter and lie about how he has tried to see his son and been turned away, etc, but when it was my daughters lawyers time to speak she would only allow yes or no answers. Never looked at any of the proof we had in COURT Documents and Police Reports, restraining orders and just believed the Daddys made up stories. She told my daughter that she hated her son because he was part of this man, yet that could not be further from the truth. This man wanted her to ABORT my grandson but she wanted him and loves him with all her heart. This judge would scream and screech at the attorney and my daughter and yet was nice to the Daddy. What's with that? Judges are suppose to NOT be bias. This woman does not deserve to be on the bench. And I will be glad when her day to stand before the Lord comes and she has to face her pathetic and disgusting attitude toward families needing her help. What a disgrace she is to the bench, to womankind and to human beings. Some day it will be her turn, I wish I could be there to see it.

  • AJMalone (Monday, April 08 13 01:16 pm EDT)

    Last week, major ruling against a father who presented correctly and totally proved that what the mother was stating was a total lie.
    After a continuance (one month ago), ordering this father to present current and past tax returns (which again disputed the testimony of the mother), Judge Lopez-Giss rejected the tax returns from the father and ordered $25,000 in back child support and $1000 a month for current support. She couldn't even substantiate the $25,000...she pulled that number out of her ass! She also gave the father ONE DAY per month to visit the children! ONE DAY!! which totally changed the previous child visitation order...she just threw it out the door.
    Nothing she did was following family code and NONE of it was in the BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILDREN.
    Father was prepared to pay a few months of back child support and deal with the current order.
    Father left dumbfounded and crying. The mother and her attorney were shocked as well!
    This Judge is totally out of this world.

  • Natalie Ortega (Tuesday, December 18 12 11:50 am EST)

    Susan Giss - I came into court for a restraining order against the defendant who threatened to slit my throat. She granted the order however she did wish to give him overnight weekend visitation with our daughter at her age of 5 months old. Fortunately, he denied the custody agreement. I have come in multiple times with police reports clearly indicating the restraining order has been violated, she refused the police reports and to the day he still harasses me. There is no hope for mothers like myself. PLEASE REMOVE THIS JUDGE FROM HER POSITION OF POWER.

  • ranayromero (Saturday, June 30 12 02:11 pm EDT)

    It’s is disgusting on how this women makes decisions based her emotions and not in the best interested of children, or according to the law. She does not look at the facts, she has a premeditated notion and sides with father’s verses looking at all the facts, and basing her decision from a legal perspective verses an emotional. She has zero compassion for mothers and has a strong favoritism with fathers, which is evident in her courtroom. She has many times ignored the law, when attorneys have reveled previous case files as examples. There should be a happy medium when it comes to divorce and children it’s very challenging enough going through a divorce , but having her as your judge is horrible, even attorneys do not like dealing with her because her lack of professionalism. She has terrible leadership, I am not insulting her intellect, however she does not belong in a family court room, she is way too bias towards fathers.

  • (Saturday, June 30 12 02:10 pm EDT)

    This judge bases her decisions on her moods. I unfortunatly have gone to her several times now for my ongoing custody case. First of all, she preaches about life before ANY case is hear. If I needed advice I will seek a professional in that area. I am only human & an adult, if I wanted her advise I'd ask for it. She IS ALWAYS AN HOUR TO TWO HOURS LATE! MY court documents indicated be there at 8:30 am. Again, I have gone to her several times, to be more specific I've gone to her 7 or 8 times. SHE IS ALWAYS LATE! ALWAYS! I can't stress this enough. We all have a life, my life does not revolve waiting on a lousy judge who makes her decisions based on her MOODS. I DISLIKE her with a passion. SHE NEEDS TO be BANNDED from the court house. I have too much prove to have her removed for once and for all. I have full physical custody of my child and share legal custody with father. I have informed this judge that while my daughter visited her father one of her boy cousins touched her inappropriately, the judge brushed that off and has continued to allow father visitation. I have stressed to this judge that my daughter's father lives in an unstable enviorment, is an alcoholic and visitation continues. She simply soes is not listening loud and clear. I AM CONCERNED ABOUT what may happen to my daughter while visiting her father. I am not being heard. I am trying to prevent anything from happening to her. Because this judge does such a POOR job at not listening to the factors my daughter could be scarred for the rest of her life.

  • Frustrated Mother (Saturday, June 30 12 02:08 pm EDT)

    I honestly thought it was just me, but this judge gave my son's father so much visitation even though he has no job, stable home and he would bad mouth me to our son, i would bring in texts,documentations where he would threaten me and she made it seem like i was trying to keep my son away from him. When i explain my current court order to people, they can not believe that a judge would even allow father so much time with out being stable.

  • ST6 (Saturday, June 30 12 02:07 pm EDT)

    Please remove her as she does not understand the best interest of children involved. She makes assumptions that cause great pain to families.

  • mom (Saturday, June 30 12 02:07 pm EDT)

    remove her before she ruins another
    This "judge" is evil incarnate. She doesnt know what she is doing, yet makes decisions about other peoples lives. She has a severe "god" complex and needs to be removed. She was voted in. She can be voted out.

  • MARLO KILIAN- LOPEZ-GISS (Saturday, June 30 12 02:06 pm EDT)

    this women is bias racist,prejudice, and abuses her authority.Please stop her before a child ends up hurt or losing their life. She over looks D.V. and criminal history.

  • motherhelp! (Saturday, June 30 12 02:06 pm EDT)

    I have had the opportunity to watch cases on Dept B with Susan. I work with victims of domestic violence and I see how unfair she is and how she is on the father's side. She does not give mother the oportunity to talk. Susan does not care when mother's cry only when father cry. Let me know how I can support you more.

  • Annoyonous- Bias Judge (Saturday, June 30 12 02:05 pm EDT)

    I would like to support you because I went through the same thing like you and the other mothers. I lost custody of my son. My son is now living with his dad whom is a violent person and abusive to me and him. Susan did not gave me time to talk or to present my evidence.

  • Criminal Defense (Saturday, June 30 12 02:04 pm EDT)

    I was not done. Cont: She has no heart to even notice the tears the mother is shedding. Honest mothers that are involved with their children and have them in good schools but the dead beat dads that dont want to pay child support and have criminal records sit and act so innocent like they are the victims. When they try to hurt the mothers but in all they are hurting their children.No wisdom at all. Just plain STUPIDITY. Good mothers pleading for this judge to listen to them and she doesnt give an ear. While the father sits there and plays innocent.Judge Lopez says she is tired of the same parents in the court room over and over but yet she is the one to have them come back or gives into the father to bring the mother back for some reason. I belive when she open the case fail of those in court that she doesnt even remember them from the previous visit. To her its just doing her job another day. Its not her life. SO PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR HER IN 2012. Lets get judges in the court rooms that are honest and fair and have conviction and show no partiality, someone that listen to everything. JUST LIKE GOD, He is not a respector of persons. He is a fair and just God.

  • (Saturday, June 30 12 02:04 pm EDT)

    DO NOT VOTE FOR JUDGE SUSAN LOPEZ IN 2012. SHE NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OFF THE BENCH. She is against mothers , and now I know why. On another comment someone made about her, they said she stated in court that her mother kept her from her father. So now it seems she is taking it out on mothers in court. She has no heart and she is a meen lady and loves sitting on that chair with power to destroy mothers and their childrens lives. She wont even listen to what the mother has to say. But yet you have to sit and listen to her boring speech she makes at the beginning of court. like it matters.

  • (Saturday, June 30 12 02:03 pm EDT)

    This woman, needs help and counceling for herself. She is ultimately taking out her anger on mothers who do truely provide for there children. And through the past years, having to be in her court room I have seen unworthly fathers playing on Ms.Lopez Giss emotions. Every Father already knows how she will side with them and these ugly Fathers who even with criminal records are being favored in her courtroom. This woman has issues she has even stated in her courtroom, "she will make sure that nobody will walk out of her courtroom happy." What kind of good ruling is that if these Fathers are being praised for their unworthliness. Where single mothers are struggling to survive and provide and this judge is robing these mothers who give their lives for there kids and I dont understand her position because a woman goes through a lot of pain in 9 months to have a child that a Father could never bare or understand. To be a woman in her courtroom she is robbing us of motherhood giving up time to a Father who is only out for his own good never a childs. This lady needs to be thrown out on the streets and needs a realitly on what it means to be a woman with little money and surviving this economy on her own for her kids. This woman needs to be voted out. I hope that all who comment have gone to further messures to reporting Susan Lopez Giss for her unlawful rulings and decision making as she too has a boss to report to, find out who it is let them know the circus she runs in the court room, and dont forget our state has issued her a license to practice let it be public and known, that she may need a evaluation for herself.
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  • (Saturday, June 30 12 02:02 pm EDT)

    She is lazy, intemperate, biased and unfit for her position. She is abusive to all who appear in her court.

  • (Saturday, June 30 12 02:01 pm EDT)

    Hon. Lopez-Gliss is bias toward mothers/women period. She is completely unreasonable in her courtroom and contridicts her own first hour of preaching! She is out of control if she is contridicted and easily angered. Once that happens there is no going back. Ultimately she seems tickled by all the fellows (counsel and fathers)and hates on women and mothers. This is all obvious to anyone who has seen her in action. SHE SHOULD BE REMOVED!!!!!

  • CA1315- (Saturday, June 30 12 02:01 pm EDT)


  • (Saturday, June 30 12 01:58 pm EDT)

    Susan Lopez Giss, is a biased, unlawful judge, whom thinks she is able to size up people based on looking act them, ignores the law when it suits her opinion. Susan Lopez Giss is extremely biased towards women as she states her mother kept her from her father. She believes are women are evil and lying sluts as fathers are perfect angels just trying to see there children. She is ruining peoples and childrens lifes and she should not be re-elected 2012!

  • (Saturday, June 30 12 01:58 pm EDT)

    This woman is not a good judge she is insane. She is biased against women and takes the kids away from them for no reason. She is evil and a monster and there is a special place in hell for this sub-standard judge.

  • (Saturday, June 30 12 01:57 pm EDT)

    Please I'm trying to reach mothers who have been affected by the above named judge. Not only has she taken children away from their mothers, but she's using her authority by not allowing us to present our facts or any evidence that was requested specifically by her. When I appeared back in court with all evidence she didn't even want to see it, nor would she allow me to talk when I asked. Not only is she affecting us mothers emotionally she is affecting us physically. Please read it for yourself on see all the other mothers who have been mistreated and have also had their children taken from them

  • (Saturday, June 30 12 01:56 pm EDT)

    This Judge has had no prior experience in family law and should not be a judge in family law court rooms. She continues to act as a prosecuting attorney,perhaps thats where she needs to be is in a criminalcourt room. She believes prison is rehab which it's not.Prison is more like a university for criminals. Many of the cases she has have had at least 7 continuances.She cotradicts what she says and her rulings on a regular basis and NEVER admits to her mist**es or lack of knowledge in family law

  • Jenny (Saturday, June 30 12 01:56 pm EDT)

    This women is bound to get people killed, she has a tendency to force people into unsafe situations.She has no idea how to seperate family law from criminal law. She disregards peoples safety and human righths. She tries to be a psycologist and fix peoples problems and will go as far as making possible diagnosis. She lacks much evidence and only sees what she wants to see as the law,avoiding or disregarding codes and statues.

  • Paula G- (Saturday, June 30 12 01:55 pm EDT)

    I have a case in her courtroom and she is the worst judge I have ever had. I have had 5 prior judges in this courtroom and they have never acted like she does. She does not treat people with respect, civility, concern, apathy or any help in the problem. She has her own agenda when looking at a case in family law. She needs to go back to criminal law and stay there where she can actually do some good. Whoever voted her on to the bench should have to have a case before her and see how she really is.

  • (Saturday, June 30 12 01:55 pm EDT)

    This judge must be punished for misusing the law. This judge HAS DONE ME WRONG! She disregarded the settlement agreement. She has no knowledge how to equalize the retirement accounts of the divorcing couple. I am looking for a law student or a retired attorney who is an expert in the distribution of retirement portfolios. I am also looking for TV group who can videograph her idiotic responses. This judge will fall from her graces by her own doing.

  • law4vs- (Saturday, June 30 12 01:53 pm EDT)

    diss-robe this judge

  • momof2- (Saturday, June 30 12 01:53 pm EDT)

    This woman completely ruined my life. She is very biased against the mothers who come into her court. She gives a stupid half hour lecture about how she runs her courtroom. Every case I have seen including my own she t**es custody away from the mother. she has no knowlege of any kind of basic family law. she acts like Judge Judy and I dont know what she is trying to prove. She is a monster.

  • Innocent (Saturday, June 30 12 01:52 pm EDT)

    This woman has an agenda to destroy my life & put the life of my only child AT RISK. She is the female version of Judge Lemkau (Victorville, CA - San Bernardino County, who said Petitioner (mother) lying & Respondent (Father) took his 9mth old son and killed him this past January 2010. She calls me a liar--she hates women, she hates mothers, LOVES those who are in/prior law enforment and military. I have yet to see the day when I will be divorced. It has been 3 years, I have no house, car or money. I live with my mom. My ex is a fulltime state employee & reservist. His name is in the CHILD ABUSE INDEX and she still wants my son to spend time with him after he FAILED a polygraph in regards to molesting my son.She will not grant an evidentary hearing to hear witness testimony or see the overwhelming and strong evidence. I have read each of your response and I empathize with each and every one of you. I have written to the Commission on Judicial Performance and await an answer.Lastly, as stated in court transcripts, she told my ex "Mr. _________, don't shoot your advocate" while pointing to herself. She degrades me and is willing to go above and beyond to intimidate me and my attorney. I'm hispanic, 27 and educated (legal field)--he's 40, white, prior law enforcement--I try to believe that this isn't a issue but its starting to become a reality. She puts ALL CHILDREN AT RISK.Good luck to all & I wish you all the best.

  • hope5421- (Saturday, June 30 12 01:51 pm EDT)

    Have unfortunately been a witness to her awful treatment of women in her court room, several times. 1. Does not allow mother/lawyer to defend accusations or assumptions made.2. Believes whatever comes out of the father's mouth. lies or not.3. Makes the assumption that all mothers want to keep their children from their fathers.4. Makes the assumption that all father's never get to see their children. This judge already decides the scenario before she even talks to you.Mother is evil trying to keep child away from father. Father is a good person who just wants to see his child. Mother is manipulative and a liar. Father is just trying to do his best to be a good father and be in child's life. I feel so bad and sad for the mother's that have her as a judge. She rips them apart verbally and emotionally. If only this judge could be fair and not make sterotypical assumptions when it comes to making very important decisions regarding child custody.

  • (Saturday, June 30 12 01:50 pm EDT)

    This judge is one-sided to favor the male gender. I had 3 encounters with Mrs. Lopez-Giss, and all 3 times I appeared in court before her she put me down, made several negative comments towards myself & I couldnt talk & voice my opinions. She favored the male gender on several cases that I witnessed on the same days I appeared in court. Not only did she demeanor all of the women, she also would not let the women speak. She basically agreed with the fathers and ruled on what they wanted. Even though I was asked from Mrs. Lopes-Giss to gather evidence to support why my daughter would continue to live and go to school with me she neglected to look at the evidence and still sided with the father. Even though my daughters father is never around. I expressed to her that he works all the time however her mind was already made up before court even started. I could go on and on about what happened when I appeared at court but there's not enough room. Please if you or anyone you know had the same experience and has lost custody of your child please email me @ Please, Please come foward I dont want another mother to lose there children do to this one-sided judge.

  • rcastilllo25- (Saturday, June 30 12 01:49 pm EDT)

    This judge is ridiculous. The only reason she sided with me, is because I had to "play" nice with my husband. Basically pretend that I was going to give him what he wanted even when it wasn't right. She needs to be removed bc I do not doubt that she will cause a child to get killed with her "woman-hating" views.

  • 4myson- (Saturday, June 30 12 01:49 pm EDT)

    This judge is so anti-mom its frightening. How can. Join the group of mother'a fighting her injustice?

  • Concerned Mother- (Saturday, June 30 12 01:48 pm EDT)

    I have witnessed her put mothers down, t**e thier children away from mothers and has lectured me about how I'm a horrible mom when the father of my kids abondon them 10yrs ago and now she has given him rights to harass my kids

  • Platreo24- (Saturday, June 30 12 01:48 pm EDT)

    This woman should be removed from the bench, I seen many cases that warants a better outcome, the poor mothers that I saw in the court room lost the fathers of the children won their way, so what this tells you, many of these cases Choldren Services should get involved becasuse this (Judge) is useless instead of helping the children she is putting them in jeopardy for abuse to happen and those are her words, he looks OK even if he used Durugs. All the rights were given to the father!!!What's wron with this PICTURE she should go to criminal LAW were she can use that attitud with the CRIminals not with the mothers. ALL THE MOTHERS THAT BEEN AFFECTED BY THIS WOMAN GET TOGETHER AND DEMOSTRATE IN FRONT OF THE COURT ROOM SO THE NEWS GET TO REMOVE THIS PARISITE FROM THE COURTROOM SHE CAN GO BACK TO DEPARTMENT OF WATER INSTEAD. IF YOU VOTE HER IN VOTE HER OUT.

  • p1014- (Saturday, June 30 12 01:47 pm EDT)

    This woman is totally incompetent! I often wonder how human beings like this make it into positions of power. She is abusive, inept, ignorant and degrading. She saunters into the courtroom, often times an hour or more late, thru the doors the public uses...purse on shoulder and not in robe. WHAT? She also doesn't t**e the time to read your case until about the 5th or 6th court date and she's yelled at you at the top of her professional lungs. After reading other posts, I now know how pro-father she is. She could care less about children or whether or not that they have been abused. She wants everything to be settled in mediation so that she doesn't have to do her job...maybe because she doesn't know how. All I know, is this woman must be removed from the bench. There are so many people who get a change of venue out of her courtroom and then have the hassle of travelling long distances to get their case finalized. But realize it's worth the drive in order to get a fair and time efficient judgment.

  • USUSELENA00( (Saturday, June 30 12 01:46 pm EDT)

    My divorce case was assigned to judge Susan Lopez-Giss in early 2005. Since then all matters, including support, for me (mother) and children, have been frozen as this judge refuses to enforce all past court orders pertaining to support, moneys owed to me, mother, and expenses mother has incurred while children had been living with her. Most of these matters had already been heard in front of prior Judges, and orders were implemented to make ex husband pay what he owed, and to protect mother and children frfrom domestic violence and a Respondent (father) who has stated that {"he would go to jail; rather than give me a penny of support owed.)I' am a disabled mother of three. I' am a victim of domestic violence; all well documented in my files, and yet since day one, this judge has sided and believed every lie and manipulation my ex-husband has presented to this court; without compassion or care.Judge Lopez-Giss has accepted as truths, statements from my ex husband without any evidence at all. Judge Lopez-Giss has accepted as truths, statements from my ex husband without any evidence at all. In fact Judge Lopez Giss has used her CONSIDERABLE JUDICIAL POWER to help/benefit respondent/ex husband. WHY? I filed for divorce in 2003, knowing I was taking a risk with my safety, and well being.It is now 2012. I' am bankrupt, broke, sick,and frightened.I' am disabled and cannot work; yet Judge Lopez-Giss refuses to see my ever increasing plunge into poverty and the unjust bias she bears me.


Recently, I came across this email uploaded to as a document.  What I find interesting about it is why is she sending emails when she should be on the bench hearing cases?  According to court calendar, the earliest court date appearance time is at 8:30am, but this Judge see's it fit to make the public wait for an additional 1 hour before she will hear the first case.  In this instance, Judge Susan Lopez-Giss is sending an email on Friday, July 13, 2012 at 9:25 am, regarding "Public Comments re: Item SP12-05". WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FAMILY LAW. This Judge has no business being on a family law bench, has no prior experience and should be removed immediately!

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I have filed a formal complaint against JSLG with the Commission on Judicial Preformance on Janurary 11, 2013 and waiting to hear back... 


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We are looking forward to going up against Judge Susan Lopez Giss and are looking for support to help protest coming up....




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